[3 hours] All-you-can-eat <100 types> & All-you-can-drink <50 types> Plan <4,500 yen> per person

[3 hours] All-you-can-eat <100 types> & All-you-can-drink <50 types> Plan <4,500 yen> per person

4950 yen(Tax included)

  • 100items
  • 2-30persons
All-you-can-drink available
All you can drink menu

[3 hours] We offer a great value all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink course! You can enjoy almost all of <100 types> of our proud and exquisite Chinese cuisine! Additionally, you can drink <50 types> of all-you-can-drink!! per person. Shocking price of ≪4,500 yen≫!! Drink plenty ♪ Eat ♪ Enjoy it with everyone ◎ Recommended for various banquets!!

Course menu

☆☆All-you-can-eat menu☆☆

[Appetizer dishes]

Petan/Petang tofu/Charshu/Cucumber salad/Dried tofu salad/Steamed beef with sauce/Pig ear salad/Jellyfish salad/Steamed chicken with green onions/Stuck chicken/Gizzard salad/Hachinosu salad /tomato salad etc…

[Vegetables, tofu, eggs]

Steamed pork with sauce/celery and dried yuba/sliced potatoes/stir-fried chili peppers/mapo tofu/water spinach stir-fried with garlic/stir-fried tomatoes and eggs/beef and garlic sprouts/shiitake mushrooms and bok choy Stir-fry / Double-pot meat / Stir-fried pork, wood ear mushrooms and eggs / Stir-fried dried tofu with peppers / Stir-fried chives and dried tofu / Gomoku tofu / Stir-fried fried tofu and vegetables / Chive liver / Stir-fried eggplant with oyster sauce / Fried eggplant with sauce / Mapo eggplant

[Meat dishes]

Stir-fried chicken cartilage with chili pepper / Chicken thighs with spicy flavor / Stir-fried chicken and cashew nuts / Chicken with special sauce / Stir-fried shredded green pepper and beef / Stir-fried shredded meat / Stir-fried green pepper meat / Stir-fried shredded pork with Chinese miso / Sweet and sour pork / Stir-fried fried pork with soy sauce / Black vinegar and sweet and sour pork / Beef with oyster sauce / Shanghai-style pork belly simmered in soy sauce / Stir-fried beef and asparagus

[Seafood dishes]

Shrimp with chili sauce / Happo greens / Stir-fried shrimp and egg / Stir-fried squid, shrimp and scallops / Stir-fried squid and vegetables / Stir-fried celery and squid

[Hot pot/scorched]

Shiitake mushroom hotpot/Otsunabe/Gomoku koage

[Teppanyaki dishes]

Tofu teppanyaki/beef teppanyaki/offal teppanyaki/squid teppanyaki

[Meals (ramen, fried rice, soup, porridge)]

Gomoku ramen/hot and sour soup noodles/dandan noodles/ramen with seafood and greens/gomoku yakisoba/grilled rice noodles/jajang noodles/Chinese bowl/beef rice/spicy fried rice/gomoku fried rice/Tianjin bowl/corn soup/hot and sour soup/vegetables and tofu Soup/Petan porridge/Seafood porridge/Vegetable porridge

[Dim sum/dessert]

Higashi Jun'ei special dumplings/Boiled dumplings/Chinese fried bread/Higashi Jun'ei special manju/Daikon mochi/Spring rolls/Sesame dumplings/Boiled black sesame dumplings/Boiled peanut dumplings/Almond tofu/Mango pudding

*Last orders will be taken within 20 minutes.If you need an extension, please let the staff know.

*Please do not leave food or drinks behind.

*You cannot take it home.

*Please understand that if the number of people increases during the meal, the price will be charged as shown on the menu regardless of the time.

*Reservations can be made for a minimum of 2 people.

*If you wish to cancel, please contact the store by phone in advance.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Asahi draft beer
・Lemon sour / Kyoho sour / Lychee sour / Apple sour / Grapefruit sour / Plum sour / Yuzu sour / Oolong high / Shochu high
・Shochu (on the rocks/with water/with hot water)
・Kuro Kirishima (potato) / Kuromaru (potato) / Ikkokusha (potato) / Hidden storehouse (wheat) / Red Enma (wheat) / Shinro
·Fruit wine
・Guihua Chin Sake/Apricot Sake/Lychee Sake/Apple Sake/Kyoho Sake/Yuzu Sake
・Shochiku plum/Kikumasamune/laurel
・Cassis Orange/Cassis Oolong/Cassis Grapefruit
・Whiskey with water/Clear Highball/Black Nikka Clear Brand
· Chinese sake
Shaoxing wine
·Soft drink
・Cola/orange juice/grapefruit/apple juice/oolong tea
・ Chinese tea
・Oolong tea/Marika tea
Available days for reservation
Monday to Sunday, holidays, days before holidays
Length of stay
3 hours
Reservation deadline
Until 21:00 on the day of your visit

2023/12/25 update